Posted by: yoshigirl97 | May 23, 2008

See ya Kinzheaders!

Bye Bye Kinzheaders! This blog is abandoned by everyone! I’m deleting it. Bye!


Posted by: Webkinz Kid (WK) | May 22, 2008

New site!

I have a new header site and it’s called . I am sorry I can not work here. Rose’s new header site is We are sorry we have to leave, but please visit these sites! And also, rose, do you want to compete to see who can get the most hits? It would be awesome if we can do that. ( Sorry, I’m real competitive! 😆 )

Posted by: ~rose1128~ | May 22, 2008

is anyone here?

I feel like I am the only one ever on the site.

I am the only one that is getting any orders.

I have desided that I want to leave kinzheaders and make my own header site soon.

I will be here for a few more days.


Update: In a few seconds i am about to fire myself. My new site is

Update: It won’t let me fire myself. Can someone else please do it?

Posted by: ~rose1128~ | May 20, 2008

Posted by: yoshigirl97 | May 20, 2008


Hi! Umm…does anyone want to order headers from me? I’m starting to think that all that people come here for is WK and Rose’s headers. Please order from me and Avril!


Posted by: ~rose1128~ | May 19, 2008


I probably won’t be able to make any headers until Friday or Saturady- I am taking a break from blogging for the week. See my blog for more info.



Posted by: Webkinz Kid (WK) | May 12, 2008

Lizzie’s avatar

Here it is! Your header is on it’s way!


Posted by: ~rose1128~ | May 6, 2008


If you order a header/icon on my page, scroll down on my page to pick it up because it is a pick up page too!


Posted by: yoshigirl97 | May 4, 2008

For Webkinzkid…

I made the pages for ordering headers on. I made them Avril’s Page, Rose’s Page, Webkinzkid’s Page and Yoshi’s Page. I can delete them if the other workers don’t like it… I think it’s a good idea though!


Posted by: Webkinz Kid (WK) | May 4, 2008

Sorry guys!

Sorry! I haven’t gotten on here for a while. I am now making headers again! Please comment below if you want a header or an avatar, and fill out all the requirments in your order. Workers, do you thing we should have our own pages like WK’S Page, Rose’s Page, Yoshi’s Page, Avril’s Page? Since we have alot of different orders on ONE page, I think that would be a good idea so people can goto someone’s page and order without telling us who they want to make it. It won’t be too crowded anymore if we do this. So for right now, if you need a header from me, order it on this post. Thanks rose for taking the orders I didn’t do. 🙂

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